Kind of hard to believe.. but I look at Ocean temps and they are almost all way…

Kind of hard to believe.. but I look at Ocean temps and they are almost all way above normal so I should not be surprised!

NOAA announces Summer 2014 was warmest ever on Earth - New York Metro Weather
NOAA announced that Summer 2014 was the warmest ever on Earth.

Translation, we will see a warm up, a strong trough which could mean a powerful…

Translation, we will see a warm up, a strong trough which could mean a powerful storm system, and then a chance to see a plunge of colder air. This will first be something to affect areas outside our region, except the warm air, and then it should come through at some time.. what it really means will have to wait. Interesting changes could be in the works.

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I rarely post long range specific models but I've never seen a 600 decameter ridge in a prog, either. (594-597 is usually about the max). The GFS is really going bonkers with a big buckling event in the jet at the end of September, or early October. I only post this because of the rarity of that incredible ridge. Again, don't trust the specifics on where the jet will sharpen and dive, but odds are, it will be an amplified flow. European has been showing a strong zonal jet, with an eventual buckling too, coming from the Pacific--so something is up. An "interesting" action packed late month or early October could be coming "somewhere".…

Weather Channel Talks to Banks on Options Including Sale
The buyout firms that own Weather Channel Cos. have spoken to JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. about strategic options including a possible sale, according to people familiar with the matter.

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On this date in weather history, September 16, 1999:***15th Anniversary of the Floods from Hurricane "Floyd"***Hurricane Floyd made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 2 hurricane weakening as it traveled northward along the eastern seaboard. Floyd produced torrential rainfall in the most eastern portions of Virginia to as far north as New York City and Long Island to a peak of 16.57 inches in Newport News, Virginia. Two dams along the Rappahannock River burst from the extreme flooding. Rainfall amounts of 13.34 inches occurred in Somerville, New Jersey and 12.36 inches in Vernon, Delaware. The Raritan River Basin experienced record flooding as a result of Floyd's heavy rains, 4.5 feet higher than the previous record flood crest. Bound Brook, New Jersey, was especially hard hit by a record flooding event: a 42-foot flood crest, which is 14 feet above flood stage, sent 12 feet of water on Main Street and drowned three people. Manville, New Jersey was hit nearly as hard, with record-breaking floods coming from the Raritan River and the nearby Millstone River, which join in Manville.Photos Courtesy:

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